Covid-19 - Fly Tipping

The BBC did an article on the news a few weeks ago about how fly tipping had been on the increase since lock down had started and the tip/re-cycling centres had closed.

It was disgusting to see that some people think it's OK just to dump their old kitchens, their fridge/freezers, glass or any other amount of household waste on the the side of the road or, in our case on the nature reserve.
This little piece of green, in our area of concrete, is called Pride Park.  Pride I think that some people don't have.

I noticed it two weeks ago and took some pictures so I could contact the council and let them know that it was there.  By the time I got back from my walk I had forgotten all about it and never contacted them!!  (call it old age).  This weekend as hubby and I walked past I noticed that it had all been cleared away and what a difference it makes.

A HUGE thank you to the local council for tidying up the area.


  1. Cheers to your council getting that rubbish cleared up straight away. This dumping is a problem everywhere & it gets me really annoyed (I'd use another word if we were actually chatting on the phone or Zoom). Over the last few days I have seen behaviours of many people feeling quite entitled about doing what they want to with no regard for anyone else. I am glad that the news shines a light on all the positive people are doing for caring for each other right now, but I am seeing less of that in my reality. Hopefully the tips/dumps/recycle centres can open to the public soon, although it happens regardless; people will complain that they have to pay (a nominal) fee.

  2. We've seen so much dumped in various places whilst we've been out walking. I have remembered, this time, to contact the council when I got home so hopefully they will remove it as soon as possible.


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