Covid-19 - Hobbies

Staying home can be hard.  Especially if you have nothing but the TV to keep you occupied during the day.  Luckily Hubby and I both have “At home” hobbies which makes life a little less stressful.

I have crochet (and now blogging).  This keeps me busy for a few hours each day.  When I’m not at work I generally start the day with a walk, followed by a little housework (just to keep on top of it) and then after lunch it’s crochet time.
I sort out a large milky coffee, and cake if there’s any left, find a spot on the sofa, pick up my hook and ask Alexa to play a book on Audible.  It passes and hour or two before having to get dinner ready.

Hubby likes to get out and  into his “Man Shed” and make something out of wood.  Santa bought him a lathe a few years ago and he’s made some lovely bowls. boxes and even a wine glass.  For him it’s limited to weekends as he’s working from home at the moment. He watches YouTube videos and then goes outside, coming in a while later with his newest creation 😊


  1. WOW to your husband's wood creations. Between the two of you, all your Christmas gift needs are done. Like you, I try to do the have to's & should's first thing in the morning & leave the afternoons for either crafting or reading. I am SO disappointed in the TV schedulers that they haven't upped their viewing game for all this stay at home time ... oh well the weather is becoming nicer so it's outside for gardening.

  2. What a creative couple you are! I love the wood grain in that little dish - beautiful. I agree that Christmas presents will be well and truly sorted by you both by the end of lockdown!

  3. We're lucky that our hobbies can be done from home. I've always liked crafty stuff and have tried a few over the years but crochet just kind of stuck. It's one of those things you can pick up and put down whenever you want.


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