Covid-19 - Pampering

Hairdressers are closed, the wax shop is closed, the nail bar is closed.  This is something we ladies (and some gents) are all having to cope with. Even the unhappy lady in the USA who wanted the hairdresser open as her roots were showing!!

Luckily for me I had my hair cut at the beginning of the year so the only thing I have to worry about is keeping my fringe out of my eyes.  The grey is easily disguised by a temporary colour from the supermarket.

My eye brows are normally waxed every 4 – 6 weeks but as I take HRT they seemed to have slowed down on the growth front.  These are now easily kept in order with a pair of tweezers.  (Although I have to jiggle my glasses to be able to see them!!).

My nails are now short and are painted with a neutral colour polish.  I used to get them done every month.  I like nice looking nails and at work, as I’m in contact with parents on a daily basis, I think it looks better than the chewed nails I used to have.

Will I go back to pampering myself on a monthly basis? 

My nails I will keep doing myself, my eye brows I will probably get done when they start meeting in the middle, but my hair, I’m afraid to say will definitely be done every 4 weeks.  I am simply not ready to go grey 😊


  1. I think it's going to be very difficult to get a hairdressing appointment when they finally open! I'd been toying with the idea of leaving my hair uncoloured to see exactly how much grey there was for a while now and now it's been 12 weeks since my last appointment - it is quite obvious to all ;-) Fortunately I've been going lighter for the last year and having grey/blonde highlights added so it isn't as distinct as it might have been but I think it's safe to say everyone knows my true hair colour now! It doesn't look horrendous but I don't think it's quite time to embrace the grey completely yet.
    So my first pamper session will definitely be with the hairdressers, the nails and eyebrows can stay being done at home for a little longer!

  2. The trouble with my hair is, with it being dark I have a huge grey streak down my parting!! Not a good look. I'll keep covering it until I can get done properly. :)

  3. Now is the time to pamper yourself & it's great that you can get hair colouring. Hair colouring has become the new yeast this side of the pond - non existent. I think this is were the women of the world will first have behaviour fatigue. Once lockdown is relaxed enough for hairdressers & salons to be open, Mr Man & I will come out with the same hair style - a ponytail! He refuses the man bun (thank goodness). He's on about needing a haircut more than me.

  4. Ha Ha. My menfolk have just realised it could be the beginning of July before they can get a haircut. I'm definitely getting the before and after photos :)

  5. i am not ready to go grey either and i am starting to have a real grey show!! i get my hair colored, nails done and waxing, every six weeks. my hair is much shorter than yours and it REALLY needs to be cut, i have never colored it myself...i am waiting!!

    i like to keep those things done, i feel better about myself...but i don't see anyone except the hubs, so i am not sure it even matters.

    i buzzed the husbands hair, he loves it!!

    ps...i need a pedicure as well, i am in rough shape!!!


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