Daily Walks - Cross Lane

In the mass of concrete and motorways that we live near, it's nice to find that little patch of green.  Of peace and quiet.  Of birdsong.

Hubby and I walked from our village to the next one over. (I call them villages in the loosest terms as they are now all part of one area).  We walked over the railway bridge, under the main road, round the back of the supermarket and under the motorway and came to Cross Lane.  A quiet little patch in the mayhem that is the joy of living 3 miles from a major city.

We didn't see another soul except the squirrels, the birds were signing and the sun was out.  It was quite easy to forget how close you are to all that noise.


  1. Isn't it lovely to go out for a walk and hear nothing but birdsong? It really is calming and mood enhancing.

  2. The birdsong is amazing. We have cardinals in abundance in our area & they have such a beautiful song & a call. It has been reported that even in New York City they are hearing birds again. Mother Nature's song to us - it's going to be OK.

  3. It's lovely to hear the birds at the moment. We have a blackbird that arrives late afternoon and sings for a few hours 😊


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