Daily Walks - New Brighton

We haven't been for a walk along the prom in New Brighton since lock down started as it meant driving there, and the Government had said that was a no no.
Once those restrictions were lifted last week we went for a walk one night after dinner.  The prom was full of people (all social distancing) but it was nice to be out, even if it was a bit chilly.
The beach, as you can see, was empty.


  1. What a glorious place to spend your evening - you are so lucky to have somewhere like that fairly near to home. We are just over an hour away from our nearest beaches which is just that bit too far to travel at the moment. Isn't it lovely to have that extra freedom to go out in your car for a 'non essential journey'?!

  2. Living where we do we are lucky to have a few beach options that are only a few miles away.

  3. What a great photo & wow to such a place within walking distance. Our little village was overrun on Saturday with the people from the city thinking they could walk in our conservation park - it is still closed, so they just parked & went in anyway. Upon their departure, there were police officers ticketing them for trespassing!! I cannot wait to walk somewhere different than my neighbourhood.

  4. At least your police can fine people. Ours just have to "ask" them to move on. The local beach we went to yesterday was busy but everyone was being sensible so that's good.


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