Donating Blood

I wasn't sure if my appointment for donating blood would go ahead, with all the restrictions we are living under but it seems that they are still in need of donations and travel to the centre has been classed as essential.

That's where I went last night. 

We were taken through two at a time.  Hand gel was used but no masks or gloves needed.  The wonderful staff had the proper PPE and that was good to see.

All the usual checks were done and into the chair I went.  Six minutes after the donation started it finished.

A huge THANK YOU to the Blood Donor service for continuing this important job.


  1. Well done. The need is still there for blood & this makes you a hero of the times. Did they test for COVID-19?

  2. They didn't say so but they do take a sample that goes off at the same time as your donation, so maybe. Who knows?


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