Garden Tidy Up

Hubby only went out to cut down a rose bush that had some kind of lurgy and ended up chopping down the Sycamore and Holly trees between us and next door.
Our next door neighbour had been meaning to get rid of them for a while and was very happy when they were down.  She says her kitchen is now a lot brighter.

Happy to help.

Unfortunately all the waste has to stay on the drive, as the queues for the local re-cycling centre currently have a waiting time of 4 hours!!


  1. I think everyone is gardening in some capacity these days ... and a man with a saw can be a dangerous element in the garden if left too long alone out there. (IMO)

    Our recycle had opened for yard waste but quickly closed it down as the waiting lines were blocking regular traffic. I don't think the authorities realized how much gardening went on during total lockdown. We were lucky our county offered two yard waste pick ups, which helped a lot.

    Will you leave the space open in the garden or plant something new?

  2. There are still some big roots to come out and a wall to fix but I think we'll re-plant once that's done. No trees though!!

  3. Oh it's so easy to get carried away once you start isn't it? Four hours for the 'tip'? I would definitely wait until another day! Ours has set up webcam now so you can see how bad it is, and I think the website gives a general indication of wait time, but I don't think it's ever been as long as four hours!


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