Quarantine Time Capsule

I like the idea of a little journal hidden away in the attic for family to find in years to come.
In the past I would have scrap booked about it but as I gave all my scrapbooking supplies away to a friend I will have to do with an old biscuit tin and a small album.

In the tin we have:

The COVID -19 timeline

The letter from the UK Government telling us about Lock down.

A copy of the speech given by her Majesty in April 2020.

Cards about how we are all feeling and how much petrol is etc.

Bits and bobs from our VE Day picnic.

An email from the Department of Education to say 'Thank You' to all those working in education.

A list of the Tier 3 Restrictions.

My journal of all thing Corona will have 

Photos and writings about:

Working from home, how we did the shopping, or managed without a hairdresser!

The Boy and his corona beard!

How tidy the garden looks.

My Corona Blankets and other crochet items made during my time at home.

The story of tennis elbow, which I got from too much crochet!!

My home & garden. 

Places we have ventured too.(distance permitting).

Ideas about what comes next.

There will also be information that is yet to be released, as lets face it.....this is not over!!

Are you keeping details of the first global pandemic for 100 years? or would you rather just forget it ever happened?


  1. Nice album cover. Like you I am keeping all the "in the news" things along with my own observations/impacts of the pandemic. I am keeping a "chapter" of COVID & all pandemic related things I think are important. Right now that chapter is housed in my 2020 day to day album, but I know it's going to need its own album. I think it's important to note what is going on, but paraphrasing Frodo to Gandalf, "I wish this hadn't happened to me, I wish it didn't happen to the world". 2021 is the year of the vaccine but I think 2020 will be not only a year of the pandemic but a year that says it all - we'll look back with 20 20 vision of how as a world we are connected, what one does affects all. Of how our collective behaviours impacted the outcomes of the pandemic or prolonged the virus.

    1. Your thoughts on this are spot on. It has affected everyone around the world in the same way. It certainly has been an interesting year and one I would not wish to repeat in a hurry.

  2. Lovely start on your keepsake. I am incorporating a few things in my scrapbooking, but I didn't want it to be all about COVID all of the time - because the truth is that COVID has made life more boring and not more interesting - and I am realizing how lucky I am that is the case. Those looking back on it will be fascinated though - so good for you on getting it documented.

    1. I'm trying to put some humour in it as well or like you say it's very boring. I've got some great photos of my son with his lock down hair and beard which make me laugh every time I look at them. Hope your journal is going well.


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