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It's two years ago tomorrow since I reached my target at Slimming world.

I'd like to say that it has been easy keeping the weight off since then, but that would be a lie.

Most of the time I'm good and can maintain but I have struggled, at times, to stay on track.

Losing the weight, it seems, is the easy part.  Maintaining/keeping it off is the hard bit but having been introduced to the SW way of cooking it has been that little bit easier.  I no longer use oil but use Fry Light, I don't have butter and try to limit my cake/biscuit intake, I don't eat bread that much anymore and cheese, only if it's part of my allowance for the day.

Chocolate is my downfall though and I tend not to buy it, although some days I can't help myself and a bar will accidentally fall into the shopping basket!!

I have found that going to work is a big help in keeping the weight off as I'm terrible for mooching in the cupboards if I'm at home for any length of time.  At work I can only eat what I take and steer clear of all the goodies that can be left in the staff room.  Only working three days a week at the moment, means I have put a pound or two back on so it's back to meal planning and low-fat dinners.

It seems a shame to undo all my hard work.



  1. Well done you at reaching your goal weight. I agree keeping it off is the hardest part. I don't think this lock down time has been a friend to those of us trying to maintain our weight. I had a few moments of thinking "I deserve this" but reminded myself food is not the reward, a healthy life style is. Those constant email reminders from WW (weight watchers) seem to be my electronic guilt surfacing.

    ... And yes chocolate bars have a sneaky way of attacking, I too have experienced those sudden leaps into the shopping basket - nasty buggers can jump at least 6 feet! You also need to be aware that ice cream can also demonstrate great feats of leaping when one is feeling sorry for one's self - I speak from experience. Happy weekend.

  2. Oh that did make me laugh. I think I'm safe with ice cream as I don't eat it. If I did it would be Bluebell ice cream, but as it's made in Texas and not sold here I'm still safe. 🍧😁

  3. Thank goodness I'm not the only one with a chocolate confession to make! Slimming World is brilliant, isn't it? It teaches you to tweak your recipes so you don't feel that you are missing out too much. I agree though, maintaining is just as hard to do as it's so easy to become a little complacent and slip back into old bad habits. Especially when those chocolate bars are ganging up on you ;-)


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