VE Day

The 75th Anniversary of Victory In Europe.

We hung our bunting and had a picnic.  We listened to Winston Churchill and heard her Majesty's speech.

Not the day we had planned.  We were supposed to be in Carentan, France with both boys, P & S but the strange times we find ourselves in put paid to that.

Never mind.  A trip to Carentan at any time is worth it so we will just arrange another time and celebrate when we get there.


  1. So many plans having to be rescheduled at the moment, but it looks like you had a delicious celebration at home!

  2. WOW that is some celebration picnic spread.

  3. Hubby did us proud. Sausage rolls. pizza pinwheels plus all sorts of breads and cheeses. It was a lovely afternoon.

  4. That looks very celebratory. I have not heard of Carentan, but will research it and consider it for our next trip to France. We need to dig into planning one, even though it will be far off, just to have it to look forward to.

  5. Susanne, It's in Normandy and is perfectly placed if you want to visit the D-Day landing sites. And it's not too far from Bayeaux. Hope you manage to plan your trip and that going on it isn't too far away.


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