Crochet Keeps me Sane - Part 6

This is post is extremely photo heavy and for that I make no apologies.  😊

This was my first move into advanced crochet and I'm very proud of myself for being able to complete the whole pattern.

She is called Sophie's Universe and was designed by Deirdre Uys.  Her crochet-a-long was so popular she published the pattern in book form.

Sophie is a big blanket.  All 113 rows of her.

I started on 5 July 2019 and crocheted every day.

She started off round and gradually gained some corners.

and lots of flowers.

She started to grow into eight sections.

and grew so heavy it was difficult to keep her on my knee.

She was squared off again and the final rounds began.

Finally on 20 August 2019 she was finished.

She was so heavy it took both boys to hold her up and even then she sagged a bit. 😊

She definitely earned her keep earlier this year,  keeping us warm on those chilly winter nights.

I have plans to make another one this winter.

To be continued.............


  1. That is such a beautiful quilt. Such detail & yes to all the photos that show Sophie off.
    You are obviously a master crochet craftsperson! Making that quilt in only a month - WOW!
    Have you picked your colours for the 2020 project? Is there a significant colour of this year?

    1. Thank you. I haven't chosen my colours for the next Sophie yet but I'm leaning towards greens and maybe pale grey/silver and cream/white. It would be for our bedroom so I'd like to stick to the colours I already have.

  2. Wow! That is an amazing project - and you did it so quickly! Absolutely beautiful, you must be so proud of it.

    1. I am proud of being able to do it. It helped that I was off work for the summer holidays :) If I start the next one this winter I have a feeling she will take a lot longer.


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