Lockdown - How am I feeling?

A few weeks into lock down, when I started thinking about blog posts, I wrote down how I was feeling.

 Week 2

How am I feeling?  That's a question a lot of us are asking ourselves.  The answer is:

I'm doing OK.  I'm not thrilled at having to stay home and not see family and friends but at the same time I'm happy to do so if it keeps everyone safe.

I have good days and bad.  Some days I don't want to do anything and others I'm like a woman possessed and if it isn't nailed down it's getting cleaned/tidied.  I watch the daily briefing every day and it saddens me to see the increased numbers of people dying from this virus.  I'm content to stay home but also enjoy my few days at work.  

I'm enjoying walking with my boy and I'm not bored as I can always find something to do.  All in all I'm doing fine.

Fast forward three months.


Week 12

When lock down was first put in place I used my time off work to spring clean the house.  Getting into all those nooks and crannies that had been missed in previous months.  I embraced staying in and found new ways to keep myself occupied.  I didn't embrace the on-line exercise culture that seems to be the new thing for a lot of people but I made sure I went out once a day for my daily walk.  I did our weekly shop on-line (if I could get a slot for deliver or click & collect).  I enjoyed working part time.

Twelve weeks later and the novelty seems to have worn off.  I still keep on top of the dusting and the house is still tidy, the shopping is still done on- line but I have now gone back to work full time.

I still go for a walk everyday (except when it's raining) but now tend to go in the evening.  It's usually just me and hubby but sometimes S joins us.

I miss being able to sit in the afternoon and crochet or plan blog posts

It’s like living in two separate worlds.  There’s the one at home where we’re still sticking to the rules and hubby is still working from home but everyone else seems to have given up and are having parties or going to the beach or meeting up in huge groups. 

Then there’s the one at work where social distancing is still in place, where our meetings are done via Zoom, where hand washing is a must, where hand sanitiser is used when entering and leaving a room and where only certain children are in school.

It feels a bit like we've gone back to normal but we haven't if you know what I mean.

 Is this the new “Normal”?  I don’t know if I like it.


  1. I had a bit of a wobble this weekend - it all seems to be going on so long now. We have been out a bit more in the last week and that felt good, and I can totally understand how you feel like you have one kind of normal at work and another type of normal at home. My grandsons both go back to nursery today, both with only 5 in their 'bubble' - I am looking forward to hearing how they both get on!

    1. I hope today is wobble free 😊 did your boys have a good day?

  2. I am not sure what I am feeling at the moment because I seem to have so many strong emotions all flooding in my head & heart at the moment. I thought a good cry would help but I just couldn't get it started, not even with the help of a good cry movie. I think our new normal is going to be changing often, the rules certainly keep changing.

    1. I hope you're feeling a little better today. I think it's going to be a long road until we all feel more positive 😊


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