One from The Archive - My Boy


Oh how I miss this boy.  
We lost him six years ago today, just before we moved to the USA.  
He was 11 years old and having to let him go was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Would I have another dog?  
Yes, but unfortunately until I stop working full time it's not practical.  
Roll on working part-time or retirement (whichever comes first).



  1. What a handsome chap! I agree that it will be worth waiting until you are at home more during the day - in the meantime you could do what our son did for a while before he and his wife had a baby, they used to 'borrow' other people's dogs for the weekend. There's a website that matches people looking for weekend care for their dogs with people who want to look after a dog for a couple of days - it worked perfectly for them!

    1. That sounds like a great idea. I'll look into it as I do miss having a dog in the house.

  2. I remember posts about him. He was a very handsome boy. I liked Deb's idea of weekend dog sitting, or maybe occasional dog walking to help with the easement of parenting a dog again!


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