One Sentence a Day - May 2020

Debs, over at  Deb's World  did one sentence a day last month and I thought I'd give it a go.

1.        Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.

2.       J spent the day in the shed making a crate for my milk bottles.  

3.       The boys went to B & Q to get chipped bark for our neighbour but didn’t get any as the price had gone up to £9.00 per bag!

4.       A HUGE Thank you to the staff at the Blood Donor session tonight for keeping going during lockdown.

5.       Popped into work to give J her Birthday presents – A crocheted blanket and a beehive 😊

6.       Busy day at work today doing all the little jobs that normally get kept until the holidays.

7.       I could get used to working part-time.

8.       We celebrated VE Day with a picnic, bunting, Winston Churchill, and the Queens message.

9.       Such excitement over a shopping delivery from Tesco.

10.   I totally forgot to put the milk bottles out and now I’ll have about a dozen to return next Wednesday.

11.   Organising some advance posts for my blog takes longer than you think.

12.   Today I wrote a diary for the Mass Observation Archive.

13.   How to lose a whole hour out of you day by waiting in line outside Halfords!

14.   A busy day at work catching up with invoices and orders for PPE.

15.   It’s been so long since we walked along the prom that I’ve only just noticed that the Pirate Ship has sunk!

16.   J only went out to cut down a rose bush and ended up felling the Sycamore tree between us and next door.

17.   We took a lovely stroll along the beach at Thurstaston.

18.   The holiday diet starts just in case we’re still allowed to go.

19.   A few hours crochet this afternoon saw me catch up with two projects I have on the go.

20.   A 4½ mile walk tonight was difficult due to people not understanding the rules on social distancing!

21.   Trying to be good a work and eat more fruit.

22.   We took part in our first “Pub Quiz” on Radio Lancashire.  42/60.

23.    J made an amazing Slimming World curry for dinner tonight.

24.  We needed a 4 mile walk from Thurstaston to Heswall to walk off last night's dinner.

25.  J went fishing for the day and caught not only the sun but lots of fish too.

26.  Joined in with my line dancing class via Facebook and it was just what I needed.

27.  Took S to work to pick up books, did shopping and was home drinking coffee by 9.15am :)

28.  I finally managed to work out how to "reply" to comments on my blog thanks to instructions from the lovely Mary-Lou at Patio Postcards.

29.  Today I had a lovely chat with my nephew via Whatsapp.

30.  The blackbirds in next doors hedge have fledged and we have two babies in our garden being fed my mum ♥

31.  We stayed away from the crowds today and drove 20 minutes outside town for a walk along the canal.


  1. What a great month recap. You had a very full month of some beautiful walks & crafting. I was more than glad to help out. Line dancing via F/B - now that would be interesting! Working Part time may be the new life style for many or job sharing as we all try to figure out a new way of physical distancing while getting the work done.

    1. Line dancing was really good although I did find it confusing to see which way she was going on the dances I didn't know :)

  2. It's a fun way to remember the month isn't it? Although I find if I don't do it at the end of every day I have trouble remembering what happened when - even in lockdown!
    Isn't it great how exercise classes have managed to keep going online? It's been a fun way to keep a bit of 'normal' going.

    1. I made a draft post and added a sentence every day as I didn't think I'd be able to remember otherwise. Call it old age!!


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