This Weekend...

This weekend was like most other weekends recently.  We didn't go very far and found things to do at home.
Unlike the half a million people who decided that the beach was a good idea this week I'm still cautious about a second spike and happy to stay close to home.

I managed to get all the laundry done and dried, in between showers.

Sorted out my wardrobe (a well overdue task) and bagged up items for the great Slimming World clothes throw (when we can actually get back to club to do it).

Sewed in all those end on two blankets.

Started to arrange a date for our son and family to come and stay once we're allowed to after 4 July.

Wished our grandson a very happy 4th birthday. He had a lovely day.

Started counting down the days to my haircut next weekend.  The first one since 29 Feb 20.

Booked an appointment for the menfolk to get their hair cut on 6 July.  Such excitement!

Started my first crochet commission.  The Demelza Blanket.

Got the ironing finished.

Didn't get out for a walk as it rained :0(

Had a lovely roast pork dinner made by hubby.

Watched a film with hubby and had a glass of non-alcoholic fizz.

All in all a quiet weekend.  Next week will be the total opposite as I have the hairdressers on Saturday followed by our first trip to the zoo this year on Sunday.

How was your weekend?


  1. Doesn't it feel weird actually being able to organise things again? I have a feeling hairdressers and barbers are going to be working non stop for a few weeks until everyone has had their post lockdown cut! I watched the tv footage of the beaches on the south coast and could not believe what I was seeing. So ridiculous. Much as I'd like to feel the sand between my toes, I would not take that risk.
    All those ends to sew in - you need patience for that! Looking forward to seeing it when it is all finished, I bet it's lovely.

    1. The local beach here was mobbed last week so we kept well away. Hubby is already preparing for the second wave!

  2. Sounds like a very busy weekend. A commissioned crochet quilt!!! Well done you & I like the name of it Demelza - oh how I miss Poldark. I think the haircuts all round will make everyone feel so much better. I am still hesitate about any place or spot that people are flocking to, the virus is still about.

    1. The lady that designed the blanket used Demelza from Poldark as her muse. The original colours are all oranges, reds and yellows.

  3. We are sticking close to home too. The rain made that a bit easier and we are expecting it most of this week as well.

    I was lucky enough to get my hair cut just before lockdown, but then dumb enough to think I could trim my own bangs a couple of weeks ago. So I can now wait quite a while until going back to the salon.

    Your grandson is a doll. I bet you are looking forward to his visit.

    1. I wasn't brave enough to cut my own hair so have had to resort to clipping it back out of the way. Not a good look but necessary :0)


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