Walking the Wirral Way

The Wirral Way is part of  the Wirral Country Park and is a walk along the old railway track from West Kirby to Hooton.  It's approximately 13 miles.  

Hubby and I took a short walk along it a few weeks ago.  It looks quite quiet on this stretch but cyclists at the moment are a nuisance.  They have to share the path with walkers but don't seem to have read the signs that say "Slow" and "single file".

We stuck the the bridle path instead (as did quite a few others) and we only met two horses.
The view across to North Wales is usually stunning but we had trouble seeing the hills this time.

As it was a driech day and we only did the 4 mile stretch from Thurstaston to Heswall.  We're planning to do the whole thing once things have calmed down.


  1. I have noticed that there are an incredible amount of cyclists on the roads (and pavements) now who would appear never to have read the Highway Code !
    What a lovely walk though and I bet that on a clear day that view is beautiful.

    1. The view is amazing. Unfortunately the house prices go up in line with the view !! :(

  2. I am not a fan of cyclists on the main roads but now that all the medical advisors are suggesting people cycle to work rather than take transit, I can only see the numbers growing & now we'll have to have endless safety campaigns telling everyone to share the road & be careful ... I'll say no more.

    What a beautiful walk & I like that they provide a separate path for walkers & horses. I know many horses that are terrified of cyclists. I haven't heard someone describe a dreary day as a driech day in years. A woman I worked with was from Scotland & she introduced us to that expression. :)

    1. I have a feeling we'll see a lot more bikes out and about. It's just a shame we don't have enough cycle lanes. We did find another walk where we can avoid the cyclists which takes us through sand dunes so that's a bonus :)
      Oh and it's another dreich day here today.


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