Back to Normal

I'm sure I'm not alone when saying that lock down did nothing for my hair.

I have brown hair, with it seems, a lot of white grey thrown in for good measure.  I did think about leaving it and going grey but I'm just not ready for that yet.

Hubby very kindly put a temporary colour on for me a couple of times, to cover the inch of roots that were showing and that seemed to do the trick.

Back at the end of February my hair was short.  Too short, I thought, and I'm not sure what my hairdresser was thinking that day either. Maybe she knew that I wouldn't be able to get it cut for 18 weeks!!  

It turned out to be a blessing as 4 months later I only needed a colour and a trim.  On 4 July 2020 all was returned to normal.


  1. It's not white or grey hair, it's colourless ;-)
    It does feel nice to have a proper cut and colour doesn't it? Oh the things we took for granted!

    1. Or Platinum, as a friend of mine calls it! I certainly makes me appreciate all my hairdresser does for me.

  2. Looks great and I bet it feels even better!!


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