Summer Photographic Scavenger Hunt 2020

Mary-Lou at Patio Postcards is hosting this years Summer Photographic Scavenger Hunt (SPSH).

So far I've managed quite a few off the list but it doesn't finish until 1 Sept so I still have a few weeks left to find the others.

2.  Something with or in a knot.  A rope used to cordon off areas of garden at Chirk Castle.

3. Something with the colour of your countries flag.  My Texas pig money box.

5. Something you have more than one of.  Two very good friends and work colleagues. 

6.  Something in the shape of a triangle.  The roof of the laundry building at Chirk Castle.  There are also triangles in the weather vane.
7. Something that displays a rule. A sign on the lion enclosure at Chester Zoo

8.  A leaf longer than your hand.  Another find from Chester Zoo.

9. Something that starts with the initial of your first/last name.  Lighthouse at New Brighton.

11. Something you need to throw away.  Not so much throw but give.  Items waiting for our charity drop off slot for St Johns Hospice.
12.  Something that holds your favourite beverage.  My flamingo coffee mug.  I take a decaf latte to work every day.  The danish is a Sunday morning treat :0)

13.  A rubber band/elastic in use.  The elastic on my face mask.

14.  Something with wheels.   An old cart in the stables at Chirk Castle.
16.  Something with rough texture.  A tree I spied on a walk through the local woods.

17.  Something naturally round.  The begonia in my garden.

20.  Something with the number 7 in it.  My sugar container (although it actually holds coffee pods)

I've still got 6 to go, but hopefully as we get out more I will be able to find them before the beginning of September.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Liz thanks for joining in SPSH. Fantastic finds. I must say your elastic in use, ah a sign of the times. More than two-friends, ah!! I like it (them). In your give/throw away, I'd take the chest!!! The leaf has a lovely shape & oh that rose, my roses did not do well this year. Nice find in the seven, I had a strange find for my seven. The knot looks strained & your piggy bank makes me chuckle. I have just the perfect horse (Eileen's knot find) to go with the gig (cart) you found. The old tree looks like it needs a hug - is it a Yew? Now I'm off for a similar treat as your favourite mug "friend". Happy weekend.

    1. Glad to know I have more time to find the last few. Have a great weekend.

  2. ... PS - you have until September 30th to find all the items on SPSH :-)

  3. You've found some great pictures - and so many! Lovely to see how different people interpret things in different ways.

    1. I've only got a lot this time as I didn't have any on the last one!!


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