We're NOT Going on Holiday

Today hubby and I should have been going on holiday.  One that was booked in August 2019.  One that would have been for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in September.

Corona had other ideas and we now have to wait 365 days until we go next year. (Virus permitting).

Not one to dwell on what is not to be I've put together a few photos from previous holidays abroad.

France 2011
Omaha Beach, Normandy - Notre Dame, Paris - Vernon, Normandy - War graves cemetery, Bayeux 

Turkey 2012
Side, Turkey

Florida 2013

All things Disney and Universal

Arizona 2016
Tucson, Arizona - Boot Hill, Tombstone - Catalina Mountains - Rooster Cogburns Ostrich Ranch, Picacho


  1. Lovely memories, and next year's holiday is going to seem all the better for having missed out on so much this year!

    1. I've already started looking at where we'll be this time next year. Fingers crossed :0)

  2. It's why we take photos (& thankfully lots of them) so we can re-live those wonderful experiences. Thanks for sharing those moments with us. Ah Hogwarts ... letters should have arrived by now!

    1. The boys looked at the Turkey photos and both of them said it was their favourite holiday even though we didn't seem to do much.
      Your letter better arrive soon as school starts on 1 September :0)


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