A Lovely Weekend

I've had a busy old time this weekend.  It started on Friday night with a meal out with the two men in my life.

A treat for my Birthday.  A meal out at my favourite restaurant, the Anchor Inn in Irby.  Masks were worn from car to table, table to loo and table to car!!  The service and the meal were excellent as usual.  A free bottle of fizz may have also been on the menu.  Mindful of the 10pm closure times we were back home in plenty of time.

Saturday saw me putting up new shelves in my craft room and sorting my wool into colours.  I have more wool on the way (but don't tell anyone).  I also started a mandala even though I said I'd have a whole month off crochet whilst trying to fix my tennis elbow.  It's just a small project to get me back into the swing of things.

Washing and ironing were also thrown into the mix on Saturday as Sunday we went to the zoo to see the elephants.  I wanted to see how they were doing after the death of the matriarch, Thi a few weeks ago.  We also popped along to see if the aardvarks were awake and say hello to the giraffes.  

We could only get an afternoon slot which means we only got three hours before the zoo closed, but it was enough time to recharge before heading back to work on Monday.


  1. I'm so pleased you got to go out and celebrate your birthday, I'm not convinced this 10pm curfew is a good idea. I babysat while my daughter and son in law went out for a meal on Saturday and they said that as soon as places in town closed, the streets were just crowded with people carrying on their evening on the pavements. Probably closer than they would have been inside a restaurant or pub!
    I think you're wise to fill up those gaps in your wool supply, who knows when the next lockdown may come, you don't want to have nothing to do! ;-)

    1. Liverpool was the same by all accounts. It will all end in tears when they lock us down again.
      Luckily the wool shop I use on line continued trading throughout so I was OK ordering when I needed more.

  2. Happy belated wishes ... oh that dessert looks delicious. I like your wool groups, quite a lovely visual which just might inspire some new colour combos. Our closest zoo gave up our elephants a few years ago, too cold for them to be comfortable, but I check in on the live camera feeds at their new home. Provincially new rules include all pubs, clubs & restaurants must stop selling alcohol at 10pm & close at 11pm - strip clubs got closed down completely. We haven't been out for a meal, not even take away in 7 months (I'm including September) so that's 603 meals I've made - MADE! Oh sorry, I didn't mean to yell that number ...

    1. Well done making 603 dinners. I think I probably made 6. Hubby does all the cooking so 6 from me is a miracle!!


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