The Demelza Blanket

My friend asked, recently, if I would make a blanket for her to give to her mum as a Christmas Present.  Luckily, I had just finished a blanket and was wondering what to start next so said yes straight away.

She chose the wool and the order arrived in just a few days.    I didn’t want to just do stripes so I chose a pattern from Ravelry called The Demelza Blanket by Catherine Bligh, that looked complicated (but not too complicated)  and I loved that it was a mixture of stripes and granny squares.  

Next, I had to work out which colours would go best together and which size hook to use to get the most out of the wool and make the blanket as big as possible.

In between bouts of tennis elbow I crocheted like mad and had the blanket finished in five weeks.

It was all finished off with a faux leather label from a company I found on Etsy.  It came all the way from Lithuania and added that finishing touch it needed.


  1. That is a beautiful blanket - what a gift for that person to give. I really like your labels - probably in 2025 people will be having visitors to their home again, & someone notices the label on the blanket displayed in the living room & says Oh you have an original Gables Crochet blanket - OMG I've wanted one for so long! It's been on my Christmas list for so long now"

  2. Five weeks?! Wow! That is so pretty, and the leather label is just the finishing touch - beautiful!

    1. I'm thinking that lock down had a lot to do with it being finished in five weeks. :0)


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