18 September 2020

TV Shows you never thought you'd watch

Forged In Fire Seeking Contestants | American Farriers Journal 

Forged in Fire

Each week, four of the best blade smiths in America put both their skills and reputations on the line. The competition is fierce. In the first two rounds, contestants face-off, forging blades they hope can withstand the judges’ gruelling tests. Only two smiths will be left standing and continue on to the final round where they’ll have four days at their home forge to create an historic blade. It takes a certain mix of brains and brawn to be crowned the Forged in Fire champion and take home a cheque for $10,000.

At first I thought this as something hubby would watch by himself, but I actually quite like seeing how they make things out of old tools and farm machinery.  I now know my 1080 steel from my Damascus!! 

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing - Wikipedia

Mortimer and Whitehouse - Gone Fishing

After one had a triple heart bypass and the other suffered heart problems  comedians and lifelong friends Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse share their personal and hilarious life experiences while travelling around the UK fishing for elusive species.

I can honestly say I'm not a fishing fan, that's hubby's domain, but this program is not just about fish.  It's also humorous and has me laughing out loud at their antics, especially when they reminisce back to the 80s.

Lost Gold of WW2 (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb

Lost Gold of WWII

Lost Gold of World War II uncovers the quest to solve one of the last great mysteries of World War II. In 1945, as Allied forces closed in, Japanese troops commanded by the notorious Japanese General Yamashita allegedly buried a fortune in treasure in the Philippines. It’s believed the treasure included gold, jewels, and priceless artefacts stolen from many nations. Now, a team of Americans follows the lead of an eyewitness who says he saw Yamashita’s forces bury countless boxes in tunnels, sealed with explosives, and riddled with booby-traps. The team must decipher a bizarre code believed to be left by a secret society, as a means to avoid the traps and recover the treasure.

It's one of those shows where they talk a lot and go over the same bit twice but it was worth watching just to see if all those years later they actually find the gold.


  1. We're fans of Mortimer and Whitehouse too, maybe it's because we are similar ages and Paul Whitehouse comes from our neck of the woods! My husband used to do a lot of fishing when he was younger and some of the places they have been are also places he has fished. I thought it would be a show he enjoyed and I didn't, but like you, I've grown to enjoy their banter and stories!

    1. Hubby has been a fisherman all his life so he really enjoys it. It's good light entertainment :0)

  2. Those are certainly some interesting shows. I wonder if Mortimer & Whitehouse are shown this side of the pond?

    Lost Gold; Secret codes, bizarre messages, I think Dan Brown could have all the makings of a new book. I think the mystery from WWII, I would liked solved is the amber walls from Russia.

    Happy Weekend.

    1. Ha Ha! I never thought of Dan Brown and a new book. Unfortunately we have to wait until the next series to see what they found.