A Day Off!!

 I haven't done one of these posts in a long time.  

The weekend is supposed to be my time off from working full time during the week.  How come I spent yesterday busier than ever?

1.  I stripped and re-made the bed.

2.  I did the ironing.

3.  I found a cauliflower lurking in the salad drawer and made Slimming World Cauliflower Cheese Soup to take to work.

4.  I tidied out the freezer.  I can now make dinner for a whole week without going to the shop :0)

5.  I hoovered and dusted the living room.

6.  I fought my way through the garden furniture to put the washing in the dryer. How I wish I had a dryer in the house.

7.  I eventually sat down mid afternoon and had a coffee break and a quick round or two on my crochet.

8.  As I was taking a quick break I sat and watched this little fella emptying the nut box on the back wall.

8.  After putting the washing away and making sure we all had clothes for work next week, and whilst hubby was making dinner, I had a little bit of me time and made some scrap cakes with the wool left over  from other projects.  I was amazed how much I had lying around.  I can see a new project coming on.

9.  After dinner I stacked the dishwasher and called it a night.  Time to sit and catch up with something on TV.

Maybe next weekend I should Have a "Boys Day".  One where I get up late, mooch around all morning and do what I want in the afternoon.  One where I don't don't do the housework, washing, ironing and cleaning.  

I wonder how long it would be before someone said they had no clean underwear or anything to wear for work?

Anyone else have a 'Day Off' like that?


  1. Not quite a day off in the true sense of the word, but boy didn't you get a lot done! Nice to go to bed knowing everything is organised for the next day, isn't it?

    1. I would just love a weekend when someone else did all the chores!!

  2. You had a very busy weekend off. When I've had days like that I usually proclaim to Mr Man "next time you give the maid the weekend off, please check with me first" or try " Alexa, change the bed". Both of these statements get me at least a burst of 15 minutes guilt help ... I'll take it. That soup looks delicious .

    1. Ha Ha! I must try the ALexa one and see what happens. Maybe I should use her and do an announcement that the chores are about to start, please report for duty!! :0)


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