Plans for Half Term

 As with all things COVID-19 this year we have had to change our plans for the half term break.

We were due to go to York to see our Grandson and family but as we are now in Tier 3 and they are in Tier 2 we can't travel.  We had arranged to stay in a lovely Airbnb in the center of York, as their house isn't big enough for another three adults, but that had to be cancelled.  Our meal out for Ps birthday had to be cancelled too as did our breakfast at "Bill's".

Still all is not lost.  We have a few things to do around the house and garden and we can still walk locally so the week will be full.

The garden needs a tidy up and all the plants need cutting back.  The leaves needs picking up and the drive needs cleaning.

The kitchen needs painting.  After putting in a new extractor fan there is one wall that needs some TLC. So obviously the whole thing will get painted.

Despite painting the kitchen we are making decisions about moving.  Do we need a house this size or should we downsize?  It's not something you can just jump in to and to be honest I now don't want to even think about it until next year.  Lets just get 2020 out of the way first.

I have to go for my three yearly mammogram.  The delights of having your boobs squished between two bits of perspex.  But better to get it done and it only takes a few minutes.

The up side of going for a mammogram is that I get to go wool shopping afterwards as the hospital is just around the corner form the local wool shop.  

Oh happy day!!


  1. It must be so frustrating to have to cancel those plans as I'm sure you were really looking forward to seeing them. Horrible too to be placed in Tier 3, let's hope the numbers come down and that restriction can be removed before too long.
    Enjoy treating yourself after the mammogram! There's no restrictions on the amount of wool you can buy ;-)

    1. Ha Ha! No restrictions on wool made me laugh. Unfortunately as I'd had an early appointment the shop wasn't open when I'd finished. But never mind there's always another day :0)

  2. Ah yes the mammogram - we get them scheduled every two years & I also always plan a treat afterwards, mine usually involves a food treat but I think your idea of getting something for crafting is a much better idea. Regions all around us are moving back into modified Stage 2 restrictions, but still no one is paying much attention. Our new cases of COVID are rising dramatically after the Thanksgiving gatherings that weren't suppose to happen; people just won't be told! I'll say no more. Sounds like some busy plans for your school break, I am sorry they are not the ones you had planned.

    1. People here are just as bad at flouting the rules. It drives me mad. Everything but the garden got done this week as it hasn't stop raining and I'm a fair weather gardener. :0)


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