Ten More Questions for the Blogger

 10 more questions 

1. Are you a dog or a cat person?  Definitely a dog person.  Dog’s are awesome and when I retire I’ll get another one.

2.  What was your favourite subject in high school? Needlework.  Even though my teacher told me “I’d never get into the Royal College of Needlework because she didn’t”.  And she told me I sewed the wrong way!!  Is there a right or wrong way to sew something? 

3. Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head on?
Avoid!! Avoid!! Avoid!! 

4. If you had more courage, what would you do differently in your life now? I would give up my job, buy a canal boat and live a quiet life somewhere peaceful.


5. Do you have a tattoo? No!  And never will.

6. What scares you about aging?  My eyesight getting worse.  I think I could cope with anything else but don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t see.

7. Have you ever suffered a fracture?  Yes.  My elbow which I did doing leapfrog in a PE lesson when I was about 11 or 12.

8. What kind of car do you drive?  Peugeot 108,  but I miss my automatic Nissan Rouge which I drove in Texas.  I don’t really care what kind of car I have just so long as it gets me from A to B.

9. Do you love your job? OMG yes!!  It’s the best job I’ve had.  The children are amazing and the staff are totally awesome.  Who wouldn’t want to work in a school where the children say they’ll miss you till they see you the next day?  

10. Are you named after anyone?  I’m not sure but Elizabeth is a family name.  It was my mum and Gran’s middle name, my Great Aunt’s first name and I’m sure if I searched back far enough I’d find a few more.


  1. It's nice to find out a little more about you!
    Working in a school is good isn't it? Harder work than most people think it would be but it's definitely a nice environment and never a dull moment!
    I enjoyed doing needlework at school and to be honest, in later life it's proved to be one of the most useful A levels I took!

    1. It is hard work and you never know what you're going to get but that's what makes it such a great job :0)

  2. Always fun with the getting to know you posts ... I like dogs a lot, had several growing up, but I am a cat lady through & through. I find the idea of "home" canal boats very interesting, we don't have such a thing locally & I must admit, a lot of the British detective shows we watch seem to have a lot of murders on them ... Happy Weekend.

  3. I love how murders on canal boats was followed by "Happy Weekend". It made me laugh :0)


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