Chester Zoo Revisited.......or Not!

I feel sorry for the folks at Chester Zoo.  They have had to close again for the second time this year.  Hopefully only for 4 weeks this time around.

I really miss not being able to just jump in the car, head 30 minutes up the motorway and spend an hour or two wandering the grounds with a coffee in hand.

I'm hoping it's not too long until we can see these guys again.

The lovely Ring Tailed Lemurs

See through butterflies who's name escapes me!!

The Asian lions in their new enclosure.

                                                                and My lovely Aardvarks 

Unfortunately by the time we get to visit again the Caribbean Flamingos will have left the zoo for their new home and we will have new flamingos in a new enclosure.

I hope we don't have to wait too long.


  1. Oh I do like Lemurs & lions. I cannot remember seeing any Aardvarks at our zoo, a strange little creature. I have been enjoying the F/B videos from the Wombat Rescue in Australia - such funny little creatures. I like your Flamingo photo & WOW to the glass Butterfly.

    1. We've just been told that our new restrictions won't be a severe as last time so we can go to the zoo again. I've already booked us in for two dates in December. Yay!!


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