One of Those Weeks

Last week was one of those weeks.  One where I was so busy at work, my head was mince by the time I got home.  One where I couldn't think any more and couldn't be bothered to do anything.  No blogging, no walking and no crochet.

I manage to end the week on a good note though, and joined in with Children in Need at work. Albeit Covid style :0)

I'm hoping next week is better.


  1. Sorry to hear that last week was not a good one, but let's hope that this is a fresh start to a new week and things will be easier. Things must have been bad if you didn't even feel like crafting!

    1. Last week was a much better week thank you :0)

  2. That photo is certainly a fun way to end your week, I like the teddy bear ears. Let's hope that this week goes a little easier & that crocheting features in relaxing time.


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