Right Now

Right now I am .....................

  • Looking forward to the Christmas break.  It's been a very busy term so far and the next four weeks don't look like slowing down.
  • Listening to Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith on Audible.  
  • Watching The Undoing on Sky Atlantic and Queens Gambit and The Crown on Netflix.  All very good dramas and well worth a look.

  • Waiting for all my lights to go up.  I love Christmas lights and could leave them up all year.
  • Wondering if the vaccine for Covid 19 will work.  Our age group is way down the line of those who will get it so we should know if it works by the time it's our turn.
  • Starting a new crochet blanket.  Something to throw on our bed when it gets a bit chilly.  It might take a while as it’s a king size bed.


  1. I like your mantle set up. I think it will be this weekend coming that we start with the Christmas decorating, we certainly all need the cheer of the twinkle lights. Oh another crochet project, cannot wait to see this one & your skills just keep getting better & better. THE Vaccine is now the main topic of conversation, and like you by the time we get to take it, it will have been well tested in the main stream.

  2. The photo is from a few years ago but Mr & Mrs Claus always sit on the mantle so they will be back this year. We bought them 25 years ago when we lived in Germany and they have followed us all over the world. Have fun putting your decorations up this weekend. :0)


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