Something Beginning with B

I've been trying to tidy up my photos on the PC.  If I'm honest I'm not having much luck as I keep stopping to trawl through old pictures.

Having said that, I thought it would be a good idea for a blog post to find things starting with the letters of the alphabet.  So here goes.

The Letter B.

1.  Blood donation.  I'm due to give my last donation of the year on 23rd December.

2.  Blue Bell Ice Cream.  From Brenham, Texas

3.  Brodie Castle.  December 2008.

4.  Brothers.  Trying out sour sweets at the York Christmas Market 2017.

5.  Burger.  This is a whopper hubby made for dinner one Saturday night.  It had to be disassembled to be eaten!!


  1. What lovely photos! That burger looks amazing, but no way you could eat it without deconstructing it! Love that photo of the castle in the frost - absolutely beautiful.

    1. I so want to live back in Scotland where that castle is. Unfortunately there are no jobs for hubby up there at the moment. I'll have to keep hoping.

  2. You are having fun with the tidy up. Brodie Castle could be a Christmas card front. I did chuckle at the sweet & sour photo.

    1. The boys had such fun tasting those sweets. This photo makes me smile every time I see it. :0)


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