Crochet Keeps Me Sane - the COVID Edition

Covid, Covid, Covid.  You certainly did a number on us this year.  

But on a positive note you gave me time to make some "Corona Blankets".

There was the Persian Tiles Blanket.

The Beachcombing Blanket

The Nature's Walk Blanket

The Rainbow Sampler

And the Demelza Blanket.

Look at all that wooly loveliness.

The Etsy shop is looking like a good idea!!


  1. Oh wow, those are so beautiful! You should be so proud of them, the hours of work that have gone into them. I had been wondering if I should try to learn how to crochet in the New Year, but also wonder how long it would take from being a total novice to making a Persian Tiles blanket!

    1. Yes!! have a go at crochet. It won't take long to get the hang of the stitches and once you do you'll be whizzing up a Persian Tile blanket in no time. :0)

  2. All very beautiful. You are certainly very gifted in your skill. I think the Beachcombing one is a favourite.

    1. The beachcombing one was a Crochet-a-long. It was so nice to just make so much each week over 12 weeks. Hubby asked for a white blanket ages ago and this year he got one :0)


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