How to make a Header

Many years ago I found a really nice blog called Clover Lane and the lovely Sarah shared her tutorial on how to make a header for your blog, if you're using Blogger.

I already used Picasa to make collages so it wasn't too difficult to make one up.  Fast forward 12 years and I had totally forgotten about headers until I was looking through my archives and came across her blog once more.

I immediately set too and made a header for this month.  If you would like to make one of your own you can do so by following Sarah's easy instructions here.  There are so many designs to choose from.  Have fun. 

17.2.21 - Edited to add.  Headers can be made in other photo editors but the process of uploading it to blogger are the same.

How to make a header.


  1. This is spooky - it was only last weekend that I looked at my blog and thought it needed a revamp! I'd totally forgotten what to do to change the header so thank you for this. I think Picasa doesn't exist anymore but I am pretty sure I can make a collage in Lightroom. Your new header looks great!

  2. I have a really old version of Picasa that still works on my really old laptop. If anything happened to it I would be lost!! :0)

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  4. Thanks for sharing that link. Your new header looks great & makes your blog begin with a personal touch :)

    1. Thank you. I'm already thinking of the layout for the next one. :0)

  5. i have had the same banner/picture since i started my blog. one day i decided to make some changes and it was a nightmare, i did not know what i was doing and i thought i had lost my blog itself. on that day i said, never again...and for 10 or 11 years i haven't. i don't use picasa, but this certainly looks helpful for those who do!!

  6. It is a bit worrying when you press the save key and you're just hoping that it's turned out OK. That's the good thing about this header. You make it up away from your blog and then just add it as a picture to the header bar. :0)


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