Me on a Monday - 8 February 2021

 Another week on the books.  Nothing too exciting happened last week.

I treated myself to some spring flowers.  I do love Tulips.

Work was steady in the office and we had another three staff test positive for COVID.  Their class class is now closed for the next 10 days.

The Bosses finally figured out that as Mrs W and I share the same office, and have done since we came back full time last June, it would be a good idea if we weren't in work at the same time.  That way if one of us goes off sick the other one can come in and cover.

We are now working from home a few days a week.  I have to say that it probably won't work as most of our work is "on the day" and you can't do that whilst your sat in your dining room!!  Luckily I am up-to-date and will just have to squeeze five days work into three.  On a positive, it does give me a long weekend every week.  Good preparation for working part time I feel :0)

Hubby and I spent time sorting out finances.  A job I hate.  We're still debating a move and our bills seem to go up every month so it's a never ending circle.  Still I am thankful that we both still have jobs and that we have enough money coming in that means we are able to save a little each month.  I know some families are really struggling at the moment so do feel thankful every day.

In the middle of the week we had a beautiful sunrise.  What a great way to start the day.

Hubby bought some huge steaks in Aldi and I have to say at just £5.00 each they were a bargain (and delicious).  Teamed with a leafy green salad and slimming world chips it was just the ticket on Saturday night.  It felt like we had splashed out a little and gone out for a meal.  "Taigh-bìdh Lee" was a very nice restaurant. (I thought I'd go with the Gaelic spelling this time).

We took another stroll along the prom on Sunday, before popping into the store to pick up more fruit & veg.  I'm glad to say that as we were out early, there were only a few folk out and about.  Probably as it was only 1C but at least there was no wind this week.  We only managed two or three snowflakes so no snow for us this weekend.

Back home by 11am and ironing sorted, bed stripped and dinner prepped. Time for some hook time in the afternoon.  A nice latte and a chocolate bar too.  A perfect end to the week.

I hope you're all still keeping safe and well.



  1. Definitely good practice for when you decide to 'wind down' your school work! It is hard for any school secretary to work from home as so much changes from day to day and you never know what is going to crop up. Plus if you aren't in the school, there is a lot you can't do because you physically aren't there to deal with things as they happen! But a good idea to split shifts - just in case.
    Our snow arrived overnight and we woke up to a covering this morning. Enough for the children to have fun in and for dogs to roll around in but not too much to cause a lot of disruption!

    1. We had another few snowflakes today but nothing to write home about. :0(

  2. I agree with Deb, this might be the way to ease to working part time. It is a time to be thankful for many things, especially a job as so many have been either laid off or loss their job. Both Mr Man & I are luck that we can work from home. Your tulips are gorgeous & what a lovely treat.

    1. I got home from work today and my tulips had drooped!! Hopefully they will pick up, otherwise I shall have to buy some more :0)


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