Me on a Monday

This past week has been a time for thinking of those who have died from this awful virus.  The UK has topped the 100,000 death mark and it is saddening to hear.

These deaths are not just statistics or numbers to be shown on TV every night.  They are real people.  Someone's loved one.  Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandad, sibling, cousin, friend.  The list is endless.

They had a life and were loved and should be remembered as such.

I'm sure that nearly everyone in the UK (hell, the world) will know someone who has had the virus or has died from it.  It affects us all in one way or another.

It's not something to take lightly.  It has to be taken seriously by every single person.

Stick to the rules.  Stay home.  Wear a mask.  Keep washing your hands, and hopefully we will all come out of this sooner, rather than later.


In other news self testing is going well and I only gagged four times last Wednesday when I did test number two.  Sunday's test was a little better and thankfully negative.                                    

Work is steady at the moment, with about 30 children each day.  (Not that we see them as we have to stay away from classes). Only another two weeks to go until half term.  I'm looking forward to a week off.  A week of not setting the alarm.  Not that I will have anything specific to get up for, as we're "At home" for the week.

I was thinking of decorating my craft room but I'll probably end up catching up with house work and finishing my crochet blanket.  Such a hectic life I lead.

Hubby and I took a bracing walk along the prom on Sunday and boy the wind was fierce.  It didn't stop people being out in the fresh air though and it was nice to be able to get out on one of the only dry days we've had recently.

Sunday evening we finally managed to have our quiz with friends and it was such a laugh.  So much fun and just what was needed.  I'm looking forward to the next one already.  I think we'll do something for hubby's birthday on the 21st.

And there we go for another week.



  1. Last lockdown I knew of one person whose husband caught the virus, this time I know of almost 20, there were another two this weekend. All of whom thought they were following the rules and being careful so it goes to show just how contagious it is.
    Doesn't it make you feel better to get out in the fresh air? Even if it is cold, there is something positive about leaving the cocoon of your house just for a little while.

    1. Last time I knew one person who had the virus this time I know 15!! It is really worrying.

  2. Getting outside is such a balm for the weary spirit of lock down life. I do know some one that died from COVID & she wasn't that old, under 50. It isn't, as they know now, just the aged that die from this virus. Locally our schools have not returned to in class learning, that may not be until after February 11th . Schools in the far reaches of Ontario returned to in class learning on January 11th, but may close as their numbers of COVID cases are rising, which then delays schools in our region from opening again. In spite of not needing an alarm, I still wake at the same time - early!

    1. Getting outside in the fresh air even for half an hour does the soul good. Let's hope the rain stays off this weekend.

  3. You are right, as long as this has dragged on, we need to fight the tendency to see the numbers as statistics and not as lives lost. A good friend of mine has lost 5 of her high school classmates; needless to say she's very fearful. I hope you enjoy the week, how you decide to split it up between productivity and pleasure.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's loss. I hope the vaccine will get to work and no one has to hear of anymore deaths.


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