Me on a Monday - 1 March 2021

I took a few days off from blog watching this week as I seemed to spend far too much time in front of a screen at work I couldn't face it in the evening too.  I'm hoping to catch up with a few blogs next week.

Work, this week saw us all changed around again.  Most of the children will be back in from Monday  1st March with the remainder coming in on the 8th.  This means that all the staff are in.  It also means that where we had three of us in one office, we now have to be split into three different rooms and swap these rooms around depending on who is on the longer day!!  Are you with me?  Basically it means that I'll do Mon - Wed in the front office and then I'll swap with Mrs W and she will cover the front on Thur & Fri. I'm hoping that by the start of the new term, in September, we will be back to the old routine.

On the home front not much has changed.  Hubby is still working from home and will do so until at least April, when they are allowing staff back into work for a few days each week.  I think the thought of travelling to work every day again is already tiring him out.

I have been trying to book my next blood donors appointment since last December, but there never seemed to be any available locally and I didn't fancy a drive through to Chester.  I kept checking every week and have now managed to get my self booked in for the 13th May.  Donation number 22 is booked and I'm ready to go.

We have had two notifications this week from the Office for National Statistics.  One telling us that the Census is happening on 21 March and another asking if our household will do a 20 minute online survey.  We get a £15 voucher for doing it so it's a no brainer.

Crochet!!  Why oh why did I try an advanced pattern?  I have unpicked it four times already this week and even after finding a great tutorial on YouTube I still couldn't get it to do what I wanted it too.  I'm thinking it's because I crochet like I knit (with the wool and hook in my right hand) and not how you're supposed to do it.  I just couldn't get to grips with the wool in my left hand.  I have now adapted the tutorial for my cack handedness and it seems to be looking better.  The bit I've done still looks like a wonky golf club but hopefully as the pattern grows it will look better.

We won the lottery again for the second time in three weeks.  Yay!!  £75.00.  Our biggest win ever.  Here's hoping that the really BIG one is next. :0)

The weather this week has been totally up and down.  We've had icy mornings and chilly winds and then this weekend we had glorious sunshine.  I'm really hoping that this means that Spring is just around the corner.

Wishing you all a warm and springlike week.


ETA:  This weekend I have three messages from family and friends to say that a loved one had cancer or had died.  It has not been the best news and my heart goes out to each of them.  I'm sending them love and hugs and hope that those going through treatment will be on the road to recovery soon xx


  1. Love the colours in your flowers, so bright and cheerful. Just what we need for a dull and drizzly day!
    The crochet looks very intricate and I can't work out what the finished design is going to be - it's good to push yourself to learn something new so I'm impressed that you are trying something very new and difficult.

    1. Hmmm!! the least said about that particular crochet project the better :0) :0)

  2. Oh your fresh flowers look so cheerful, I am envious, but alas with my two cats, no flowers in the house. Soon your work rotation will seem normal & it seems like a good compromise. Your latest creation, those look like bird feet & you are on a roll with winnings.

    1. I do like fresh flowers and as yellow roses were mum's favourite it would have been rude not to buy them :0)

  3. i have a new knitting project...i have tried to cast on at least 20 times and i can't get it. i always enjoy having fresh flowers in the house, yours are beautiful!!

    1. I hope your knitting is getting easier. I have put mine to one side for the moment in the hope that when I go back to it, it will work properly!! :0)


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