Me on a Monday - 15 March 2021

Well that was a quick week.  You can tell that things are almost "Back to normal" by how quickly the time goes.

The main topic of news this week has been the interview Harry & Megan did with Oprah.  I didn't watch it and the only clips I've seen are those on the news.  There are always two sides to any problem and as we have only heard one side, I can't comment.  I will say, however, that I feel they have gone about it the wrong way by doing an interview that would go out Worldwide.  I thought they wanted a quiet life?  This, it would seem, is not the way to achieve that.  Did any of you watch it?

For the last few days I've had, what I thought was toothache and after a trip to the dentist (which almost felt like a normal thing to do) it turns out that everything is sound and my teeth are OK.  One explanation is that the is pain caused by sinusitis.  This can happen due to seasonal allergies and as it's heading towards hayfever season it might be that.  It could also be an inflammation of the sinus so I'm taking ibuprofen and paracetamol and it seems to be working.  It's still niggling but not as bad as before.

The men folk were busy this weekend, fixing the fence panels between us and our neighbour.  We'd had really bad winds for a few days during the week and the old concrete post finally gave in and toppled over.  Luckily fence panel missed our neighbours window and didn't cause any damage.

Here, in the UK, it was Mother's Day on Sunday and I spent it doing exactly the same things I do every other Sunday.  There are plans in place though, for a nice meal out, once lockdown has finished.

I hope you all had a good week.



  1. I didn't watch the interview either, although have seen the many clips on subsequent news programmes. In all families there are two sides to every story and I think it is a shame that they chose to air this so publicly. I wonder if the comment on the baby was just one of those 'throwaway' comments that hit a raw nerve, much as how people used to ask me if I thought my babies might have ginger hair and freckles like I did as a child. Making me feel that having a ginger haired baby would be a bad thing! I don't doubt that M struggled to fit in to the very strict traditions of the family, I think any of us from outside that way of life would too. It's a shame that, bearing in mind the connections that the two of them have with mental health charities, they did not manage to find the support that she needed.
    I really hope this spell of very cold windy weather has come to an end! I'm so ready for spring weather to appear!

    1. Thankfully it only seemed to be a two day wonder and it was out of the news.

  2. Nice photo, is that an allium? We have also had days & days of high winds & thankfully no damage other than lots & lots of tree branches (twigs) done.

    In the end I deleted the interview with Prince Harry & Meghan. I heard more than enough on news clips & in online jokes. I am not amused that Harry would do this type of Hollywood tell all interview at this time with all that The Queen, his Grandmother has done for him, & with the added worry of Prince Philip's health. To what purpose did these two, self absorbed, selfish people think they could achieve? I'll say no more.

    1. I think the flower is an Allium but I'm not sure. I took the picture at Kew Gardens many years ago and my memory is not what it was. :0)


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