Me on a Monday - 22 March 2021

Last week was an awful week.  Full of sadness and sorrow.  We had the phone call everyone dreads.  The one that says you have lost a loved one.  Hubby's sister called to say that their dad had passed away very suddenly.  It was awful.  

With everything that's going on we're just waiting to hear if we can go to the funeral.  If we can go, we can't hug anyone or go to their house after the service, there is no wake and no way to comfort those you love.

A few days after that call I heard that a friends sister had collapsed, hadn't regained consciousness and had died the same day as hubby's dad.  She was only in her 50s.

Then on Thursday one of the ladies at work heard that her father had died very suddenly too.   She had only seen him the night before and had been talking about holidays.  Her husband came to work to get her, and it was just so distressing.

All in all a horrible week.


  1. Oh goodness, what a dreadful week. They say that things happen in 3s and your experience would seem to prove that it's true. I'm so sorry for your loss. There will have to be a family day in the summer when restrictions are lifted and you can all get together to share your memories of your father in law.

  2. Oh my, sending my condolences on the loss of your FiL. What a shock for everyone in loosing loved ones so suddenly. Hopefully you'll be able to gather, even if limited numbers, to comfort one another within the family. Sending you some virtual hugs.

  3. Oh my, that is a lot of sad all at once. You have my condolences on the loss of your father-in-law. Sending a virtual hug!

  4. Oh my goodness, how awful. I'm so sorry you had such a sad week and send condolences to all the families involved. It really is so difficult at times like this when you can't go and be with loved ones. Sending lots of love!

  5. Thank you everyone. It is a tough time with everything that's going on but it will be nice to see family on Wednesday, even if it's at a distance.


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