Me on a Monday - Part 2 - 24 March 2021

In between all the sad new last week, life went on.

We all went to work.  

The shopping was done, as was the laundry.  

I spent time listening, whilst hubby's mum talked about his dad. 

I did my COVID tests for work. 

I finished a course of antibiotics, for what the Dr thought was a sinus infection although I still think it was a  tooth problem as I could barely eat for a few days (it's now settled down so I don't really know what it was).

Hubby went for his first COVID vaccine and came back telling me he'd had the "clot one"!!

We wore red on Friday for Comic Relief and the children had a great time.

I completed the 2021 Census.

This week coming is the last week of term.  It will probably be busy as it's also the end of the financial year so lots to do for that.

Then it's two weeks off.  Two weeks when we would normally be in Yorkshire for a week, going out for day trips or meeting friends for coffee.  This time we're still under restrictions and can't go anywhere.  

On a positive note though, we should be able to go and see friends in Scotland in August.  The government have said that restrictions should be lifted by 21 June and we will all have had our second vaccination by then.  I really hope it works out as I'm in real need of their company.  It's been too long.

Stay safe out there.



  1. Good that your husband has had his first jab. Poor old OAZ really getting batter about in the news. Our provincial vaccine roll out continues to be a mess. Your tulips with photos of your Mum & family are a nice still life study. Life does go on doesn't it, even when our losses are great & we need the world to slow or stop.

    1. The AZ vaccine had a rough time for a few days until they realised that the amount of people affected was about .002% and that the positive outweighed the negative. I'm glad it's being used again as people have worked hard to make sure the rest of us have something that will hopefully protect us from getting COVID.

  2. With each vaccination we are hopefully one step nearer a loosening of restrictions, hopefully in good time for your trip to Scotland!
    Only a few days left until your well deserved two week break!

    1. I'm just waiting for April to see if restrictions are lifted as promised and then I might look at dates for Scotland. I don't want to arrange something and then be disappointed if we can't go.


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