Me on Monday - 12 April 2021

The week started with snowflakes, hailstones and sunshine.

The menfolk did a run to the tip with the old fence panels that blew down a few weeks ago and I did some ironing.  I blocked out my Hugs and Kisses blanket and started to think of what to do next.  I thought that I really should finish my High Tea Floral blanket before I started anything else but I'd seen so many gorgeous patterns I found it hard to control the urge to order more wool.

Tuesday was an early trip to the dentist.  I thought I was going for a filling but it turns out that the nerve in one of my wisdom teeth has died and I have several options of what to do next.

1.  Have the tooth filled but live with constant abscesses, as this is a side effect of having a dead nerve. Cost £62.50 plus £9.00 every time I need an antibiotic and I might still end up having to have it taken out.

2. Have the tooth taken out.  Cost £62.50.  This is not an horrendous idea and is the least invasive.  As it's a wisdom tooth it isn't one to worry about so much.

3.  A bridge.  Cost £750.00+.  This involves grinding down perfectly healthy teeth to make a bridge of false teeth to fill in the gap!!  Even the dentist wasn't keen on that idea.

4.  An implant.  Cost £2500.00+  For one tooth.  Not happening!!

Later I edged my Hugs and Kisses blanket and tidied up my craft space.  I was going to try and finish my High Tea Floral blanket but decided on something new altogether, using wool I already have in.  Back over to Lucy at Attic24 and her Dune Blanket.  Lots of lovely shell stripes and back to something I haven't done in ages.  There is something quite calming about stripes.  You don't need to think too hard or keep an eye on the pattern.

Wednesday I was back at it, with it being the bathroom's turn to be blitzed.

Thursday I went to work for a few hours.  The new carpet was down in the office and the furniture was in place.  Mrs W and I managed to get everything back in, and working, so it's now in a presentable state ready for work on Monday.  Home for lunch and a few more stripes.

On Friday I found myself reading my mum's blog.  Mum passed away in 2016 but I felt like she was right there with me and I could hear her voice. There may have been a few tears.

The Younger Male had 5 of his friends round on Saturday.  All socially distanced, rule of six, in the gazebo, in the garden.  I got myself booked in at the hairdressers for next weekend.  I can't wait.

Sunday was a trip to the garden centre for some  more veggies for the greenhouse, another tidy up of the front garden (it seems like all the leaves in the road end up outside our front door), doing some ironing in preparation for work tomorrow and adding a few more rows to my shell blanket.  

What a quick fortnight it's been.

I hope you've all had a great weekend.



  1. That Dune Blanket was the first one I made! I'm sure you'll have yours done in no time at all, I found it so relaxing. I've just ordered some wool to make a Seaside Stash Busting Blanket from Coastal Crochet as I've discovered that I really like spending my evenings doing something crafty. I'm hoping that I haven't got ahead of myself and planned something a bit too advanced! But I guess the only way to learn is to push yourself so nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Lovely photo of your mum, and while I am sure there were a few tears, it must have been lovely to hear her voice through her words.
    Sorry to hear you are having dental problems, I think I'd go for the less expensive option when it relates to a tooth which is never seen!

    1. I did the Beachcombing blanket by Coastal Crochet last year and really enjoyed it. I think it made it easier being two squares a week, so no pressure to go racing ahead. I hope her stash busting one is as good.
      I'm having my wisdom tooth out on 27th so hopefully it will make things better. Fingers crossed anyway.

  2. What a fun photo of you & your Mum. Ouch to all your dental woes which seem to have many options of making your pocketbook go ouch. Your hugs & kisses blanket is WOW & I am liking the latest, stripes do have a calming affect.

  3. I'm really enjoying my stripes. I'd forgotten how enjoyable a big stripey blanket can be. 💕

  4. I love that you were going through your Mum's blog, it can be so comforting. My Dad died in June 2016 and my daughter and I were going through his blog the other day - love the memories. Sorry to hear about your tooth, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to having teeth out so always try and save them. Good luck for the 27th. And finally, the shell blanket looks lovely - I've only made the ripple blanket by Attic 24 and really enjoyed it. In fact, I have one that needs some attention as it's been on the hook for a couple of years now (Yikes!!)

  5. My mum's blog is still in my "Blogs I like to Read" section. I can't bring myself to delete it. Glad you have some lovely memories from your Dad's blog


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