Me on Monday - 5 July 2021

Things to be happy and, not so happy about last week.


1. Wimbledon - Yes indeed the tennis is back.  I miss most of it with being at work but I record it during the day so I can pick out the best bits later.  Of course I do try and watch Sir Andy Murray play, as why wouldn't you?

2. TDF - Tour de France.  I'm not a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination but I love July as you get, not only tennis, but cycling too.  I can't remember the cyclist's names from one year to the next but that doesn't matter.  I love the scenery and this year I even looked up how much houses cost in France,  just in case we won big with the lottery on Saturday night.  We didn't :0(    

3.  Nail.  I've always had weak nails so I a few years ago I started having shellac put on.  It gives them a lot more strength and stops them breaking every five minutes.  I love it when it's time to get them done again.  This time, the lucky colour was Red Baroness.

4.  Holidays - I am really looking forward to time away.  It's less than three weeks until we go and I'm already planning what to take, what to eat and where to go.  Boris better hadn't change his mind or I will not be happy.

5.  Choosing new patterns - My High Tea Floral is finished, as is the other little project I was working on, so I felt I was in need of a new challenge.  I whizzed over to Ravelry and chose not one, not two, but three patterns by Jen Tyler at Hooks n Tales.  She is an amazingly talented designer from Cape Town, South Africa.  Now to purchase more wool!!

6.  Salads.  I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I'm actually enjoying salads at the moment.  Nothing fancy, just the usual tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and maybe a few fresh peas, but they taste sooooo good.


1.  Euro 2020 (2021) - I really couldn't care less if the football is on or not.  It annoys me that, in a time where we are still under restrictions and the infection rate has sky rocketed, the football takes up the first 10 minutes of the news.  If you want to rattle on about who's winning, do it at the end!!

2.  Change to working times - My boss asked me what hours I worked and I jokingly said "why do you want to squeeze a few more hours out of me?"  She said that she didn't think the hours that Mrs W and I work between us was working very well.  Surprising really as we've had the same hours for the past two and a half years.  I have a feeling that she doesn't like the fact that I finish at 3pm on a Friday, which means she has to take up the slack.  She wants to talk about it on Monday so I'll be telling her that I'm not happy about staying later.

Well it seems that the Happy outnumber the Not Happy so that in itself is something to be happy about.

Lets hope for a totally happy week this week.



  1. I do hope you stuck to your guns on your hours, if it has worked for over two years why should it suddenly be a problem? I used to finish at lunchtime on a Friday and sometimes felt that there were a few envious glances when I skipped out the door as soon as the bell for afternoon registration went off!
    It was you that inspired me to tackle crochet and I am so enjoying learning. So I am always interested to see what you are doing next and will be off to google Jen Tyler patterns as soon as I have published this!

    1. I'm glad you like crochet. I find it very therapeutic. If you let me have your email address I can send you one of Jen's patterns. :0)

  2. I'll be interested to hear how the work chat went today. Why after 2 1/2 yrs does it need changing, it makes me wonder who all has a problem with it?!?! I read how in many countries the COVID rates are soaring again after people attended football matches out of country - I find it hard to believe that people still want to gather on mass like this without masks. I'll say no more. Yeah to getting away & yes to more crocheting projects. Summer does make salads tastier, all that fresh produce coming onto market!

    1. Work chat went well. Salads? not so much. I started off OK but quickly got fed up. I'll try again once I'm back from my weekend away :0)

  3. We are in discussions about devising a rota to get back into the office 2 days a week - I want some sort of normalilty and human contact.With you on the early finishes - I only work part time now - glad I changed jobs the week before lockdown!! Hating the football and loving the TDF - we have motorsport tickets from last year still to use. Have my doubts Sturgeon will let us all into Knockhill in August - so have bought tickets to an English event to stand more chance.

  4. Hope you managed to sort out your motorsport tickets. Will you be able to move them to next year if you can't get to Knockhill? I wish I worked part time :0(


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