Second Quarter

And just like the first half of the year is over.  Here's a little reminder of how the second quarter looked.

** APRIL**

1.  Rainbow Hugs & Kisses blanket.  2.  First visitors of the year.  3.  Starting a new project.
4.  Growing things.  5.  A long overdue haircut.  6.  Booking a weekend break.
7.  Garden centre mooching.  8.  The local fox being photobombed.  8.  Lots of colourful shells.


1.  Homegrown radish.  2.  Bodnant Gardens, North Wales.  3.  New coffee machine
4.  Crochet "Me time"  5.  Silly photo of me.  6.  Starting to grow tomatoes in the green house.
7.  Moody skies.  8.  Delamere Forest lake, Cheshire.  9.  Leaving extra plants in the village plant swap.


1. Baby Okapi at Chester Zoo.  2. Canal Walk. 3. Trip to the pub.  4. Laburnum Arch, Bodnant Gardens.
5.  Sunshine at last.  6.  Evening walk along the prom.  7.  Selfie time.  8.  The border on my High Tea Floral Blanket.

There you have it.  Another three months come and gone.  I wonder what the next three months will bring?



  1. I hope we see many more pictures of you out and about in glorious sunshine! Also lots more of your lovely crochet.

  2. I hope so too. I'm counting the days until we go away for a long weekend and I've just started a new blanket using another gorgeous pattern from Jen Tyler at Hooks n Tales.


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