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 Looking out my window - It is dreich and wet.  A day for staying in and catching up with the Olympics.

I am thinking - of what to have for dinner and I haven't even had breakfast or lunch yet.  Why do your days sometimes just revolve around food?

One of my favourite things - A milky coffee, chocolate and crochet.  Although I have to be careful not to try and crochet whilst eating and drinking :0)

I am creating - A gorgeous new blanket by the very talented Jen Tyler at Hooks n Tales.  The Amanzi has to be my favourite of far.

I am wearing - 
Cropped jeans, white t-shirt and slippers (I get cold feet all year round)  :0)

I am hoping - The weather stays dry for our trip to Scotland in a weeks time.

I am learning

In my kitchen - I'm not the cook, but recently I did make a fish gratin and hubby ate every bit  :0)

In my garden - This is happening...... Our first ever pumpkin.

Closing Notes - I came across this blog during lock down and I have had it sitting in the drafts folder for months but thought today was as good day as any to post it.



  1. I am pleased to hear that I'm not the only one thinking about dinner while still eating their breakfast!
    Fingers crossed that the weather is dry for your trip north of the border - and that the pumpkin continues to grow in your absence.
    Your crochet continues to inspire me!

    1. I really dislike thinking abut what to have for dinner but as I'm at home and hubby is working I felt I should at least give it a go. I actually made a quiche tonight for the first time in forever and hubby ate it!!
      Thanks for your comments about my blanket. If you'd like a copy of the pattern just let me know.

  2. we talk about dinner when we finish up the night before "what do you want for dinner tomorrow"!! your dinner looks amazing for someone who is "not the cook"!!

    the blanket looks to be beautiful, some pretty amazing colors!!

  3. Thank you for your comment about my crochet. It has been the one thing that helped me relax after all the stresses of the last 5 years. Onwards and upwards. As they say. :0)


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