Lodge Life

Back in about April time, when the Government announced that restrictions would be lifted in July this year, I went online and booked a few days away at a lodge in Shropshire.  

I had hoped to book a week away but everywhere was fully booked to July next year.  After searching for what seemed like forever, I found somewhere that had a Friday to Monday available and booked it on the spot.  It turned out to be a good decision.

Hubby has been working from home since last March and apart from the usual shopping trip, daily walk. zoo visit or appointment he's hardly been out of the house.  Three days away in the countryside was just what was needed.

The lodge was perfect.  It's literally in the middle of nowhere, in the Shropshire countryside, about 2 hrs from where we live.  There are only 10 lodges in the park and most of them are privately owned so were empty.

We had the one right at the top of the park with amazing views of the countryside and the river.

It was so quiet and peaceful. All you could hear was the occasional neigh from the local horses or the sheep off in the distance.  We saw the kingfishers a few times and the local geese came to say hi but other than that we didn't see a soul.

It's definitely somewhere we'd go back to.


  1. You can tell from the photos just how tranquil it was there. A perfect place to relax and recharge the batteries!

  2. such a pretty spot, it sounds like heaven!! i think it was just what the doctor ordered!!

  3. How lovely to have a get away, close to home & not worry about masking or not masking, gathering or not gathering. Ah the wonderful sound of neighing horses ...


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