BASC Game Fair - Ragley Hall

On our first night at the lodge we found ourselves having dinner in the pub.  As you do when it's only a five minute walk down the lane.

We hadn't planned anything for the weekend so we surfed the net and found that the BASC Game Fair was being held that weekend at Ragley Hall.  It holds claim to being the largest Game Fair in the world and we could see why.

About a 2 hour trip from the lodge we made our way through beautiful villages and countryside to Ragley Hall.  

It was enormous and I mean enormous.  We've been to quite a few game fairs over the years but never anything on that scale.

There was everything from falconry to gundogs, ferrets to fishing plus any other outdoor country pursuits you could think of.

We messaged the Younger Male and asked him which colour Labrador he would like.  He of course said black.

Considering that there were approx 30,000 visitors over the three days, we didn't feel closed in or squashed.  The stall were close together but didn't seem to be full.  We got our lunch early to beat the rush and found a grassy place to sit and enjoy a coffee and cake.

My favourite thing of the day (apart from the Labradors) was the sculptures.  There are some really talented people out there.  It's a shame everything was well out of our price range.


I'm already looking at places to stay for next year.  


  1. Those are certainly some beautiful sculptures & I particularly like the horses out of the tree & that glass topped table looks interesting. It certainly looked like a well attended fair. I'm with you on the black lab :)

  2. Those wood sculptures are amazing - what talent!

  3. the sculptures are so amazing, i would love to own that giraffe!! the baskets are beautiful too...and you are not looking too shabby either. sounds so fun!!

  4. It looks like a fun day. And you are right, those sculptures are amazing. That final one is simply stunning.

  5. My Dad used to live near there and my step mum used to take us sailing on the lake at Ragley Hall


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