Croft Castle

Whilst we were away in Shropshire we thought we'd make the most of our National Trust membership and visit a local castle.

Croft Castle is about half an hour from the lodge in the village of Yarpole in Herefordshire.  It has a long and varied history dating back to the Doomsday book in 1085.

You can read more about the Croft family here. 

Built in the 17th century, the medieval fortress was destroyed in 1645 but the main house survived.

The medieval church of St Michael and All Angels was built in approx 1300.

The croft family lost their home in 1746 but bought it back 177 years later.

There is a huge parkland with lots of trails to explore and a three acre walled garden which is looked after by two gardeners.

Considering it was the summer holidays when we went, it was very quiet.  Lots of time to explore before stopping for tea and scones.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit. Interesting insect house in the last photo. Thanks for the link, I'll read up on the Crofts.

  2. Only two gardeners? Wow, they must work incredibly hard to keeping it all look so well! How interesting that the Croft family lost their home and then returned so many years later.

  3. It sounds like a nice day out. I am always in awe of places that have survived (even if being rebuilt again and again) for nearly than a thousand years. Thanks for the link, the video gave me a nice sense of the interiors.


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