Me on a Monday - 11 October 2021

Another week down and two to go before it's half term.

It was a busy, but not so hectic week at work.

I booked in for my COVID booster but then had to reschedule due to having a cold.  It's now on            1 November, at Tesco of all places!!

Sore throat and snuffles for a few day but not enough to stop me doing the Race for Life on Sunday.  Being in no fit state to attempt running, I managed to jog a bit and walk quickly the rest of the way and did the 5K in 48 minutes.  Next year I'm definitely signing up for Pretty Muddy.  5K through mud and over an inflatable course. What could be better?  I'm trying to get the men folk to tag along but they probably won't.

Saturday was housework day as we have visitors coming to stay, this week, for the first time since last August. You know you have the best friends when they ring you up, just to tell you they're in the butchers and would you like a haggis bringing down next week?   I'm so looking forward to seeing them.

Hope you all have a good week.



  1. Oh I bet you can't wait for your visitors to arrive! Well done on doing Race For Life. I've done it 3 times and always at a fast walk pace! Pretty Muddy sounds like it will be fun, be sure to take before and after photos when you do it next year!

  2. Well done you for completing the race. I'll cheer you on in the Pretty Muddy round next year but no thanks for joining in. (col). You say your COVID boaster - the 3rd jab?


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