SPSH - Final Roundup

Better late than never here are my last few photos.  I didn't get them all but it's the taking part that counts, right?

2021 SPSH  List


  1. A Breakfast of Champions
  2. Favourite Time of Day
  3. Something To Represent Home But Not The Building
  4. Head In The Clouds; shapes or interesting patterns
  5. The Art Of The Fold
  6. Something That Makes You Laugh or Happy
  7. What's In Bloom
  8. Window Views
  9. Something Older Than You
  10. The Delivery Van/Truck Making The Deliveries
  11. The Shape of Round/Circular
  12. Something That Is Cause For Celebration
  13. Your Marie Kondo Moment – Or Not
  14. Inside Your Fridge Or Cupboard
  15. Your Best Doodle Art (not public graffiti)
  16. A Guilty Pleasure; Something That Recharges You
  17. An Exit
  18. Upside Down, Right Side Up
  19. Steps, But Who's Counting
  20. Decades Of Sharing; find something in your home that is from the 70's or80's or 90's or 00's


A: show off your  COVID safety; masks, cleaning, or other related supplies

B: a local landmark

C: the most beautiful landscape photo of the season

2.  Favourite time of Day. - Sunset.

3.  Something To Represent Home But Not The Building

5.  The art of the fold.   A second photo for this as I found one of the other dollar bills hubby folded.  I still can't find my penguin!!

6.  Something that makes you smile or happy.  These guys always make me smile and I'm always happy to be with them.

13.  Your Marie Kondo moment. Or not. - Definitely a NOT.  The spare room/dumping ground.

15.  Your Best Doodle Art (not public graffiti).  I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination.  I doodled this whilst doing a safeguarding course and thinking about how children feel at the start of their journey to how they feel at the end.

16.  A Guilty Pleasure; Something That Recharges You.  Crochet, crochet and more crochet.  

I didn't get 1, 9, 12 & 20 before the deadline but I had ideas for them.  It gives me something else to post about though, once I get my finger out and get the pictures taken!!

A huge thank you to Mary-Lou at Patio Postcards for hosting again this year and coming up with a list that kept us on our toes.


  1. You've found some great pictures for the prompts - your art of the fold puts mine to shame!

  2. Thank you for joining in Liz & yes participating is what counts because it is meant as a fun thing ...
    You have some amazing finds; your fold of the money is amazing, I bet that took a long time to do. Oh your crochet work is always mind blowingly beautiful.

  3. Great snapshots. The folded money is fabulous. I managed so few snaps this time around that I'm not sure I will post them.


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