Fourth Quarter - 2021

 And finally the last three months of 2021.

** October **

1.  Painting: L'ile Madre: Clare de Lune by Henri Le Sidaner.  It just looks like a blue square until you take a step back.  2.  The Young Man messing about on a Lambanana.  3.  Walker Art Gallery. 4.  Sculpture room.  5.  Flamingos at Chester Zoo.  6.  Cocktails at the Alchemist.  7.  The Albert Dock by night.  8.  Striping off the hideous wallpaper.  9.  Ms K and I with the Fab Four, Pier Head, Liverpool.

** November **

1.  Caught unawares.  2.  Taking down the ceiling in the dining room.  3.  Time with my favourite Grandson.  4.  Countless trips to the wood yard.  5.  Constantly moving furniture.  6.  Remembrance Sunday in York.  7.  Plaques of remembrance for different regiments.  8.  York Minster and Cenotaph. 

** December **

1.  An overstuffed advent Calendar.  2.  Lights on the tree.  3.  Wrapping gifts.  4.  Merry Christmas.  5.  A misty start to the day.  6.  More cocktails :0)  7.  Crochet on the go whilst waiting for the menfolk to get COVID boosters.  8.  The Lanterns at Chester Zoo.  9.  Giving the best present of the season and the last one for 2021.


  1. Looks like you have been very busy with house projects - hope all the messy bits are out of the way now! Those cocktails look very dramatic - what a fun place to go to.

  2. It feels like I already commented on this, but it never posted. Anyway, I like collages although that last literal "shot" made me flinch a bit. Kudos to you for donating.


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