Hello Hello.  It's good to be back.

It's been a while but here's how last year looked to me........


Do you ever have times when things just get too overwhelming?  Times when something's got to give?  That's what happened in 2022.  It all just got too much and I felt totally out of my depth.

I changed jobs, within the school, at the start of last year.  I had women's problems that needed looking at. We were having things fixed on the house.  We had new windows put in.  We had the pups to look after.  And it all got too much.

It was the right time to take a step back from having to think of what to write or which picture to post or remembering to comment on other blogs or answer the comments on mine.  If I didn't go out to work it would probably be easy to post everyday, but I don't, so I decided to leave it for a while.

Things have now calmed down somewhat.  Having someone to talk too about things, and not judge you has been an eye opener. 

I had to wait until Feb this year to find out about my gynecology  appointment, only to be told that the waiting time is still 12 months!! I've made the decision to go private. I'm still really busy at work, but I love it, The big jobs on the house are nearly finished (just the bathroom to go) and now it's just the decorating that needs doing.  The boys have grown and are easier to manage (although they do still sometimes get me up at 3.30pm for a piddle) and I have made the decision to go down to working 4 days a week from 1 May 23.  Something that will definitely help with my mental health.

So here we are.  2023 is underway.  But what did I get up to last year?

Top row R to L - 

January - A walk around Ness Gardens

February - Freaking out in the butterfly house at Chester Zoo

March - Happy Mother's day

Middle row - R to L -

April - First blood donation of the year

May - Cracking on with the Postcards with Love crochet-a-long

June - Fitting into one leg of a pair of jeans hubby had, and had never worn, as they were HUGE!

Bottom row - R to L -

July - Panicking when left in charge of the barge for five minutes

August - Embracing the blonde and a new length.  And loving it.   I have on several occasions, in the past been told that "Long hair is so aging on older people".  A statement I find totally inappropriate.  You should be able to look however you want, without other peoples snide comments.

September - With my boys, Innes and Blue at three months old.

Top row - R to L -

October - Trying to pick up Innes at four months old.  God he weighed a tonne!!

November - Hubby and I at the Liverpool Empire watching Strictly Ballroom with Kevin Clifton.  What an amazing night.   

December - A sprinkling of snow and a opportunity to get a photo of the boys at 6 months old.

Bottom two rows - The Boys at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 5 months and six months.

So there you have it.  Last year in an nutshell.  I'm hoping to post once a week this year but I'm not promising that will happen.  Let's just wait and see.



  1. How nice to see you back! The new hairstyle is very flattering - take no notice of anyone who says long hair is unflattering, I think that chin length is attractive on any age group.
    I am sorry that 2022 wasn't a great year for you and hope that 2023 is better. Such a good idea to drop a day at work; I used to not work on a Wednesday which meant I was never more than two days away from time off :-)
    Aha! Another Postcards with Love - I did that CAL too and really enjoyed it. I'm currently working on a Down by the Sea blanket from Coastal Crochet - now I've started crocheting I can't stop!

    1. Hi Deb. It's good to be back. I'm feeling a little more like my old self every day and I'm trying not to beat myself up if I have a down day.. Nobody's; life is perfect all all the time. How boring would that be?
      I loved doing the Postcards CAL and gave the finished blanket to my DiL and Grandson. I'm hoping they can take it when they go out on picnics.


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