Me on a Monday - 27 February 2023

It was half term last week which meant time for a Spring Clean.  How come that, even though you clean every week, when it comes to a deep clean everything needs doing?

I'm feeling very proud of myself as everything looks clean and tidy.  It's such a sense of achievement and very satisfying, knowing that you've done all the work yourself.

So what else happened during the week?

I met my Auntie and Uncle in a well known bookshop and spent a lovely few hours chatting and drinking coffee.

I walked the boys.

I won a waffle maker at Fat Club and tried out the recipe for waffles using oats and yogurt,  It turned out really well and tasted lovely.

As well as the cleaning I managed to do all my washing and ironing.  Another sense of achievement when the ironing basket is empty :0)

I finished my Christmas blanket.  I started it Christmas 2021 but lost interest in the pattern.  It's now a mixture of two patterns with my own bit thrown in for good measure.  The granny squares are by Janie Crow and the border is Jen Tyler.  The boring bit in the middle is mine!!  More on that later.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and actually cooked something.  Not too much mind.  I don't want hubby thinking I'll cook every night.  I made a Slimming World smoky sausage and bean stew and a Hairy Dieter spicy rice with chicken and chorizo.  Both got eaten so I must have passed muster.

I've finished watching Happy Valley (a bit late to the game on this one, but worth the catch up), and have started watching The Gold, all about the Brinks Matt robbery in the 80s.    I'm also loving The Warship on BBC2.  All about the HMS Queen Elizabeth and her crew. 

If there are any other programs you think I should take a look at, please let me know.

I met my friend for coffee and cake.  She's having a tough time at the moment so I took her some tulips.  I may have bought some for myself too.

The just like that the week was over and it was time to go back to work.



  1. I love to see a bunch of fresh flowers in the house to remind me that spring really is on its way! What a lovely photo of your mum too.
    The only good kind of ironing basket is an empty one - oh how I dislike ironing.
    Please do share a picture of your blanket!

    1. I just have the ends to sew in and I need a good day to take a photo, and then I'll share it.


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