Me on a Monday - 6 March 2023

It was back to work this week.  We started off with four out of five of us on Monday, and were down to two by Friday!!  It was a little bit busy to say the least.

It was also a week of:

1. A teacher strike on Tuesday. - We had 4 classes in out of 16 so it was a lot quieter.

2.  There was sad news on the TV about a baby that was missing.  Sadly a body had been found.  The parents have been charged.

3.  The boys chewed their bed and I came down one morning to a huge mess!!

3.  My wool order arrived and I noticed that half of it was the wrong thickness.  I'm not sure how I managed to order the wrong items but I did.  The lady at Wool Warehouse was lovely and phoned to say that it was no problem to change it for the right wool and it arrived on Saturday.

4.  It will have to wait though as I've been asked to make two birds and a monkey.  Something a little out of my comfort zone but I'm having fun making them.

5.  At the weekend I went to the hairdressers to get  a much needed trim, hubby moved kitchen cupboards from the utility room into the kitchen and it looks so much brighter and bigger and hubby and I went on a date night to the local pub where they had live music.  

6.  My hernia was playing up on Sunday and I had a bit of a tough time but it didn't stop me going with hubby to choose a new car.  Now we have the dogs we really need a 4 x 4 so that's what we bought.

7.  Feeling a bit better by tea time I had a hankering for a bacon butty and that's what I had.

8.  I made plans to go and see friends at the end of April.

And just like that another week is over.  I wonder what the next one will bring?



  1. Look at those guilty little faces!
    Wool Warehouse are very good aren't they? Orders arrive so promptly - be sure to share your pictures of the animals you have been asked to make!


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